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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrangler party

Last night I travelled to Helsinki to attend a party for Wrangler jeans. I and some other Finnish bloggers were invited to an evening with American party treats and free pair of jeans. Even though the jeans need some customizing (they were not tapered enough for my taste), it was worth the trip to see all these lovely ladies and talk about blogging and fashion.

From the left: Me, Jonna, Panda, Nelliina, Jenni and Honey Junkie

My outfit for the evening was inspired by Rick Owens' creations, as I found this very Rick Owens like wool vest by Pour from the Jus store in Stockholm. I've worn it almost every day this week, that's how comfortable and warm it is. I combined it with my new pleather pants, a loose shirt borrowed from my boyfriend, OTK boots (with the fringes tucked in to achieve the RO elephant boot look) and added my mom's old bronze cross to top the look.

Special thanks to Honey Junkie for the last two pics!

Wool vest: Pour
Pleather pants: H&M
Boots: Bronx
Rings: Kalevala Koru & Silver Rabbits via Ebay
Necklace: Kalevala Koru

Meetings with other bloggers continue as tomorrow I'm meeting this stylish fashionista and music digger over a cup of coffee and perhaps a party later on. I must admit that I'm a bit nervous, what on earth should I wear?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The boys are back in town

We have not even made it to the spring, yet there are several interesting fashion weeks going on presenting the fall/winter 09/10 collections. As a fan of menswear and a believer in genderbending and androgyny when it comes to fashion, my eyes were instantly glued on the men's creations presented in Paris. It seems that fur, MC jackets, leather pants and combat boots are still something you might want to keep in your wardrobe, at least according to Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens.

Ann Dem goes horseriding.

Edward Scissor Hands has always been one of my favorite movies too.

Return of the urban warrior.

Source: Men

That being said, my shopping list for next fall includes chunky sweaters, comfy men's pants and ripped jeans, as the rest can be found from my closet already. Too bad an androgyny body is not for sale.

Do you get inspired by menswear?

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from Stockholm

Hi folks, I'm back from Stockholm! It was a great trip although the weather was not on our side and it kept raining for two days. Therefore there is no picture overload from the trip, sorry! Taking pictures when your hair looks like a wet rat is not providing the best material for the blog, say what you say.

I ended up making pretty good finds, although it was heart breaking to see almost everything I purchased last time with a -75% tag. I will introduce my findings in later posts but here is a sneak peek of my amazing new spring coat. If you are wondering why I look a bit coneish, it's because my over 6 foot tall little brother took the picture on a slanted hill. Since it was his debut as a "blogographer" and he was kind enough to capture me for the sake of my blog, I will forgive him. ;) Thanks baby bro for the picture, it turned out pretty good!

Jacket: Diana Orving
Sweater: Sunday Sun
Pleather pants: H&M
Bag: Saddler
Ring/collar s
Leather gloves: Vagabond
Platform booties: Bullboxer

Here are some random shots from the trendy Slussen area. It's not hard to guess which is my favorite store and which is my boyfriend's.

P.S. There are now 48 people (in public) following my blog through Blogger and this is my 98th post. When the public followers hit the 50 mark or I will have my 100th post, which ever happens first, I was thinking about doing a video post. That is if I don't get chickened out by then. Anyway, something fun is coming up, so stay tuned...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The next big...ring

I have always been a ring person but due to working in the office and some other unknown reasons I somehow stopped wearing most of my rings. Now rings are back in my life and it seems I can't get enough of them! I'm especially facinated by big rings; in fact, the bigger the better. My latest purchase is a silver armor ring from eBay which looks a much like the Vivienne Westwood one but with a fraction of the price. Very gothic yet chic, this is ring love at first sight!

My growing collection of big rings, on the left my boyfriend's medieval looking armor ring.

Armor ring (left): Dan's Jewellers via eBay
Flower ring: Stockmann
Shield ring: Kalevala Koru
Silver ring with heart: Kalevala Koru
Armor ring (right):
Silver Rabbits via eBay

Tomorrow I'm off to Sweden and I'll be back on Monday. If I have time on the road, I will post about all the lovely shopping in Stockholm. See you soon!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Latex love

Last night I attended my brother's and his girlfriend Minna's housewarming party in their lovely new appartment and later on hit the local rock club in the city. The night was a success all and all, thanks to Minna's amazing skill of making the most delicious and eyecatching cocktail treats (something I have never been able to master) and all the crazy dancing we did. It was also fun catching up with friends I haven't seen in awhile.

I decided to wear something less revealing as the temperature outside hit about -10 Celcius and there was some walking in question. My trusted wrinkled buttonup shirt with the sewn-in scarf was the perfect choice, proving its versatility and usefulness once again. The latex leggings are a purchase from a few days ago at Spirit Store, the buyer of the store had brought them as samples from London. They are definitely a rare piece as they only had four pairs of these in total. It appears like the latex finish is cracking, giving it that sort of painted punk look. I googled the brand name "Progress" but it didn't bring any results. Does anyone know more about this UK brand and if they have a webstore of some sort? I'm assuming it's a very small designer since the leggings are still made in the UK. Works for me!

Leggings: Progress
Belt: Second hand
Bag: Second hand
Shoes: Bullboxer
Necklace: Ann Demeulemeester


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stockholm, I missed you

Next week I'm going to Stockholm to visit my aunt and of course to do some crazy discount shopping. The discounts are now in their full glory and I'm hoping that they hit the -75% mark by the time we get there. I'm also planning on visiting the famous fashion outlets for the first time which should be very interesting. You will get the travel and shopping report later.

I only had a few items on my list that I would like to get such as this zipper skirt I spotted last time in Sweden, some bleach treated jeans, another wrinkled t-shirt in black, and maybe a fresh pair of platform heels. Someone should've warned me how dangerous it is to go window shopping online since now there are at least ten more things on my wishlist. Here are some of the things I found online and I'm drooling over:

The zipper skirt I mentioned above is on the left side but that double zipper shirt would go perfectly with almost everything in my closet! I'm also loving the lace and denim combo in the middle picture, as well as the zipper shorts on the last image.

I guess I can never get enough of jeans. I think the ones with the leather patches might be just one step closer to my dream of having a pair of leather pants.


Zippers again.. I'm so loving the Alexander Wangish zipper crop top at Monki. The black skirt on the other hand would be a good basic, and the grey sweater looks just like chainmail armor, giving it that medieval look I like.

I love the sheer fabrics and these tops just culminate with everything that is so me. I imagine wearing these during those hot summer days when I still want to keep my dark cool on.

Whyred and Acne

I've been eyeing the black dress with buttons at the Whyred Outlet for awhile now and keeping my fingers crossed that they would have one on sale at the Whyred store. The Acne boots are to die for and already on discount here.

Hopefully I won't blow a month's budget over there, that's how promising it looks. Wouldn't you agree?

Images from: Cheap Monday, Monki, Fifh Avenue Shoe Repair, Whyred, Acne


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leather shorts

I have been obsessing about getting a pair of leather pants since the Givenchy fall/winter 08/09 RTW collection hit the runway and it seems there is no looking back on this one. I've been compensating my leather cravings with different kinds of wetlook leggings and the plan has worked pretty well to satisfy my needs. Inspite of my pretty succesful substitutes, leather pants are still on my "must get" list, no matter what I do. I just need to find the perfect pair.

While hunting down the pants, I remembered that I do have something in my closet that is made out of leather and you can put your legs into: high waisted leather shorts! With this image on my mind, I think these might be one step closer to my leathern dream. The shorts are a second hand find, made in Italy and of real leather. I think they will be my new spring/summer favorite, plus they are much cooler (as in you sweat in leather pants) version of the dream pants for those hot summer days (the countdown starts now).

Please don't get worried, I don't normally walk like this outside since it's still very much winter here in Finland. I wore this outfit to last night's indie club and actually changed the tights into black slashed ones on the last minute, somehow the skin colored ones felt too bare for the season. We'll save the skin for the spring, yes?

Wrinkled tee: MTWTFSS
Leather shorts: Second hand
Shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Vintage
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Ring: Kalevala Koru


Friday, January 9, 2009

In the snow

The coldness of the winter here in the North has made it impossible to take decent outfit pictures, but today I decided to make a little sacrifice by going out to shoot in the snow while it was still light outside. I constructed today's outfit solely on these ripped Lee jeans that my boyfriend got for me a few Xmases ago and which I recently "re-found" from my closet. I honestly don't understand how I've been letting these jeans collect dust for such a long time because I'm totally in love with them again! Perhaps I was avoiding the lowish waistline but with longer tops they work just fine and look very Kate Moss indeed.

Later on when I hit the town, I made a cape out of my sweater jacket and added combat boots to finalize the look that would keep me warm. With the layering of the two t-shirts, the black sheer shirt doesn't look as revealing but it still keeps its see-through nature visible to the eye.

White wrinkled tee: MTWTFSS
Black tee: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Sweater: Monki
Ripped jeans: Lee
Sandals: Vagabond
Combat boots: Kenkärepo
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester

Rings: Kalevala Koru & Stockmann


Monday, January 5, 2009


I really feel overwhelmed about all the positive comments I got on my last post and having such wonderful readers out there. Even though the times are tough, logging onto my blog doesn't feel difficult since I have such a wonderful support team here; thank you for that. Here are some much awaited outfit pictures; this is what I wore at the office today.

P.S. Look how I have got over my insecurities and dare to wear clothes that are more "me" at the office (but still keeping my professional cool)!

Blazer: Ellos (stole it from my bf)
Sweater: Comme des Garcons for H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
OTK Boots: Bronx
Ring: Kalevala Koru