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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moving on up

Hi girls and boys, on Monday the 11th my blog is finally moving to the Indiedays portal, so commenting is disabled all the day tomorrow (Sunday). Do not worry, I'll be back with a brand new look and new posts at my new address very soon (you'll be transfered there automatically by typing my blogger address or I can't wait! Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hi kids, I'm back from Berlin! I had a wonderful time there with my friends (thanks Essi, Tuomas & Satu), partied like a madman on New Years weekend aka Silvester (the clubs in Berlin don't close until sunrise, if even then) and shopped until I dropped (or rather maxed out my credit card haha). Unfortunately, during my stay the temperatures were quite cold, so I didn't feel like taking my camera out too much. Even though my visit was consecrated mainly to shopping and partying, I did manage to visit the Neue Nationalgalerie, which I highly recommend checking out if you're in town.

Rick Owens <3

Peacoat: H&M
Circle scarf: All Saints
Bag: All Saints

I hope you all had a great New Years and let's hope that 2010 will bring us all good things!

P.S. Due to the high demand, the servers of Indiedays couldn't take all traffic the site was getting. This means that the transfer of my blog will be postponed to Monday the 11th of January. Until then, I will be blogging here on Blogger as usual. I'm really sorry about the hassle and confusion this may have cost you guys. If you experience any difficulties before or after the move (ie. bloglovin is not working, text/pictures look funny), please let me know so I can inform the staff of Indiedays. I was so excited about this move but you know, technology is always bound to fail... On a positive note, I guess something good is worth waiting for!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


New year brings new exciting changes for Fashion Flux! I've been asked to join a special project with 18 other Finnish fashion bloggers, and this project will start on Monday the 4th of January 2010. Basically whats going to happen, is that my blog will be moved to a site called Indiedays which is a lifestyle portal featuring fashion, style and beauty. Do not worry though, the content of my blog won't change in any way, the only major change is that I'll have a few advertising banners on the sidebar of my blog which enables me to get a little compensation for putting all the time and effort into this blog.

Moving so many blogs under one roof will also bring great things for you readers. Together we are more powerful, so there will be more fun stuff coming your way, for example in the form of giveaways and competitions. We will be also able to work with fashion designers, showrooms and other style/fashion related projects which makes things a wee bit interesting for all of you, and for myself of course.

You will be still able to find me from the familiar adress http://fluxorist.blogspot/, the guys at Indiedays will redirect you to my new address Also my very own dot com,, will redirect you there, so feel free to use any of these addresses to find me after the 4th.

All of the bloggers joining the portal won't be revealed at once, so if you want to get the latest scoop (only in Finnish, sorry) about what's going on, do join the Facebook group or Twitter group of Indiedays. From there you can also find the latest news of what's happening inside the portal after it's opened.

I'm hoping this change will open great opportunities and new doors for me, as I've always wanted to work with fashion. Now I'm one step closer to my dream...

P.S. You should be still able to follow me through Blogger, Bloglovin, Blogilista, RSS feed and other services!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Two more days of work and then I'm off to Berlin for the new year's celebration. A mini vacation is in place since they made me come to work during these "in between days". I don't really see the point when my email box is screaming of emptiness...

Speaking of work, someone once asked me to post about my work clothing and tips about how to look chic in the boring office environment. The trick I've learned, is to keep it simple with the basics but to also add something that makes the outfit pop, such as an interesting detail or accessory. The topic allows me to introduce something my lovely boyfriend got me for my birthday: a blazer/cardigan designed by our talented friend, Richard Söderberg. Richard's brand Obscur is a menswear label but the smaller sizes seem to fit me fine (you can get his clothes at least here, here and here). I've worn this number on several occasions since it's suitable for both office and free time wear. The piece looks professional, though it has that special "twist" which makes it look more interesting than those basic blazers or cardigans people would normally wear to an office. I kept the rest of the outfit simple with basic peg leg trousers, the only additional detail being on front of the white top. You can even add platform ankle boots to this outfit and no one would make a big deal because the cardigan is the true show stopper here. In a delicate way, of course.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays, I'll be back next year!

Blazer/cardigan: Obscur
Trousers: Asos
Top: Zara
Ankle boots: Fendi

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